The Common Types of Home Inspections

men doing a home inspection

Typically a home inspection is thought as a service that is performed shortly before one buys a home. This is the most common time in which a home inspection is scheduled. However, there are several other occasions in which the services of a home inspector is very useful. The long island home inspectors are supposed to inspect homes occasionally. Here are three types of inspection performed by long island home inspectors

Types of inspection


The use of the services of a home inspector before completion of a purchase of a home is often called a pre-purchase Pre-Inspectioninspection. This inspection is conducted after seven to ten days after the end of a house. The purpose of this inspection is to help inform the buyer of any issues with the home that the buyer may wish to address with the seller or the seller’s real estate agent.

With knowledge of “weak” home areas a buyer can often renegotiate the offer, get the concerning areas repaired, or is bad enough, walk away from the house.

Pre-Listing Inspections

Pre-listing home inspections are conducted before a home is officially placed on sale. This is done to help identify issues that will likely be a hindrance to selling the home. A bonus for having this done to your house is that the sale of a home can be finalized a week time. This is because the seven to ten-day inspection window is often eliminated. The price is better justified because the home inspection may have verified that the home is in good condition. This inspection is more likely to be recommended for higher quality homes that have been kept in good shape, and the sellers are wanted to take extra steps to justify the higher price set in the house. It’s highly recommended for home buyers looking for quality and luxurious houses to buy.

Maintenance Inspections

Maintenance InspectionsWith maintenance inspection, the home is not meant to be listed or to be purchased. The owner wants to have a person with an experienced and eye look over the house. The inspector in the case is hired so as to catch issues early and before the issue can become a larger problem.

It is common for this inspection to be limited to areas of the home in which the homeowner does not have the ability to check out themselves such as the attic, crawl space or roof. Long Island home inspectors are neutral, and do not do repairs and, therefore, have no motive to create an issue so as to get paid to fix things.