Choosing The Best Model For Cordless Drill

cordless drills

A cordless drill is a favorite tool for a variety of reasons. It’s flexible, convenient, and comfortable to use. While corded drills, in general, are more powerful, they are not able to match all the features that the best cordless drills provide. Many cordless models are also now compact, which makes them lightweight and easier to handle. Many brands and models are available to choose from.

The most popular brands include Black & Decker, DeWalt, Makita, Milwaukee, and Bosch. Brands like Porter Cable and even Black & Decker primarily build drills for the everyday consumer, while drills produced by Makita and DeWalt are suited especially for Do It Yourself enthusiasts and professional users.

Different models

Black & Decker

This is one of the top manufacturers in the industry. Their drills are suited for homeowners in particular, and drillprovide drills that vary regarding power and size.

They are also generally inexpensive, which makes them more appealing to the average consumer. One of their top selling drills over the years has been the CDC180ASB model, which is now available in 12 and 18 volts.


Makita cordless drills are primarily suited for contractors. Their line of drills does have a variety to serve different needs. Makita has a solid reputation, and some will tell you that their cordless drills are second to none.

One of their most popular drills is the LXFD01CW 18-Volt Drill/Driver model, which produces 480 inch/lbs of max torque while weighing only 3.3 pounds.


Bosch has built a great reputation for producing quality. In additional to drills, the produce other power tools including grinders, saws, sanders, planers, benchtops, and specialty tools.

Many customers have noted that they buy all their tools from Bosch because of their high level of satisfaction. The 36618-02 model is one their most popular drills and comes in both 14.4 and 18-volts.

With the 18-volt model, you will get 500 inch/lbs.Of torque and a battery that recharges in 30 minutes or less.


DeWaltDeWalt is the most popular brand for cordless drills, particularly among professionals. Many of their drills are ranked near the top of best selling drills. DeWalt is associated with power, durability, and quality.

They produce compact and heavy-duty models that are powered by lithium-ion batteries. The DC725KA 18-Volt model is one of their best-sellers, as it delivers 410 unit watts of power, has a 1/2 ratcheting chuck, and variable speed.

The specifications of the drill, the type of jobs you work on, and your personal preference all determine the right drill for you. Choosing the best cordless drills means not having to worry about cord length anymore.