Ducted Air Conditioning Options For Domestic Use

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In the modern world, air conditioning systems are considered as an integral part of every household. There are two major types of air conditioning systems, ducted and ductless systems. However, the ducted air conditioning systems tend to be more popular due to the numerous benefits associated with them.

For instance, easy control, aesthetics, noise and even air distribution are some of the benefits one stands to benefit from the use of ducted air conditioning systems. For individuals who might be interested in purchasing ducted units, the following range of ducted air conditioning options at home might prove invaluable. It is important to understand their design and functionality.

Conventional ducted air conditioners

Conventional ducted air conditioner units are perhaps one of the most popular AC units in existence. As the name suggests, these plumberunits are rudimentary when it come to the overall design and feature an air-cooling unit usually positioned on the outside of a house and the ductwork

Conventional ducted AC units are minimalistic in design and do not feature the latest technology when it comes to aspects such as climate control and energy saving. As such, they tend to be less costly when compared to other models and are suitable for individuals working on a budget. They are easy to install but have one major downside; the temperature control varies within a span of plus or minus 3 degrees of the set temperature

Inverter ducted air-conditioning

Inverter ducted AC units are fast becoming an industry standard in the world of domestic ducted AC units. Reason being, they are much quieter than conventional AC units and also tend to use way less power than conventional ducted AC units

The compressor system is automated and as such, slows down when there is little need for cooling. Due to this, the system has a more even cooling pattern and also uses 30 percent less energy than conventional units

Digital scroll ducted AC unit

This is a scrfixing AColl type ducted AC unit and is considered as one of the best when it comes to domestic ducted AC units. The system can slow down its speed to just above idling giving it great energy saving ability and is also very accurate when it comes to temperature. However, it is much more expensive than the other units

By considering the above-mentioned range of ducted air conditioning options at home, you are assured of getting the best ducted AC unit specific to your needs